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Technical Support

Vendor AppRiver Cisco GFI Max McAfee Mimecast ProofPoint Symantec TrendMicro
Product SecureTide Cloud Email Security GFI MailEssentials Online SaaS Email Protection Mimecast Email Security Proofpoint Essentials Email Security.Cloud Hosted Email Security
info: 24/7 Technical support included at no extra cost.
Yes Yes N/A 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 Yes
info: 24/7 Phone line access.
Yes Yes N/A 3 Yes Yes 2 Yes Yes Yes
Online Chat
info: Online technical support chat available.
Yes Yes N/A 3 Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes 4
info: Service to provide status updates with information on live outages as well as service alerts.
Yes Yes N/A 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
info: Technical support languages supported over the phone.
Knowledge Base
info: Knowledge Base available for customers.
View View View View View View View View
LDAP Support
info: Offered for a better support experience, Active Directory (LDAP) is the preferred option for provisioning new user accounts. It offers a great support option for troubleshooting and quick deployment needs.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5
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  • 1. McAfee full list EN/BR/FR/NL/DE/DA/NO/SP/PO/CH/SE/RU/KO/TU. Symantec full list ENG/DE/FR/SP/IT/SE/NO/DK/PT.
  • 2. 3 Support Levels: Mimecast Business Support - Mimecast Email Support plus telephone access to our team of support engineers during standard business hours | Mimecast Priority Support - Mimecast Business Support plus 24/7 telephone access to our team of support engineers. | Mimecast Platinum Support - Mimecast Priority Support plus a named Technical Account Manager, a bi-annual account audit and review, and a bi-annual service capability update along with new feature presentation.
  • 3. GFI MailEssentials Online is now part of ControlNow and all matrix data is under review.
  • 4. North America only.
  • 5. LDAP sync is not supported but profiles can be manually imported using LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) or comma-separated values (CSV) files into Hosted Email Security.
  • 6. Full list of languages available EN/FR/SP/DE/IT/PO/RU/KO/JP/CH. Majority of languages are supported using interpretive service if necessary.