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Email Outbound Filtering

Vendor AppRiver Cisco GFI Max McAfee Mimecast ProofPoint Symantec TrendMicro
Product SecureTide Cloud Email Security GFI MailEssentials Online SaaS Email Protection Mimecast Email Security Proofpoint Essentials Email Security.Cloud Hosted Email Security
Outbound Filtering
info: Outbound spam detection scans email traffic as it exits the email server, identifying spam and blocking the message. Outbound spam protection will block a botnet-infected computer trying to send spam, most of the time without the user's knowledge.
Yes Yes Yes 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
Outbound AV Filtering
info: Scanning of outbound Email and associated attachments for virus detection.
Yes Yes 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multilayer Scan
info: Multiple Layer scanning puts email through 2 or more different branded engines for better filtering results.
Yes Yes Yes 3 N/A Yes N/A Yes 1 Yes
info: Signing of messages to protect against spoofing, phishing or impersonation. SPF and DKIM Authentication protocols help legitimate senders prove that their email isn't forged, and can help ISPs and corporate email servers control inbound spam. Improves deliverability and maintains a reputation for your sending domain.
Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No
info: Interface screenshot of outbound protection options
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

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  • 1. Multilayered scanning applies to Spam filtering; Virus filtering is a one layer approach.
  • 2. Outbound filtering for Virus scanning; Spam filtering not supported.
  • 3. Requires additional licenses.