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Email Spooling & Continuity

Vendor AppRiver Cisco GFI Max McAfee Mimecast ProofPoint Symantec TrendMicro
Product SecureTide Cloud Email Security GFI MailEssentials Online SaaS Email Protection Mimecast Email Security Proofpoint Essentials Email Security.Cloud Hosted Email Security
Email Spooling
info: Email spooling or mail bagging provides a safety net in case of Email server failover. During outage it cues up all incoming Email through the service for up to several days, and delivers all upheld email once the Email server has been reestablished.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 Yes
Spooling days
info: Number of days incoming email gets spooled and held ready for delivery.
30 7 14 5 2 30 5 10
Quarantined Days
info: Number of days services uphold spam in the quarantine before getting deleted.
30 14 7 10 5 14 14 30 7 30
Valid Email Backup
info: Services can uphold a copy of all valid Email for recovery or safety purposes. The number indicates amount of days the service will uphold valid Email before deleting it.
30 6 N/A N/A 60 4 No 30 7 No
Always-on Email
info: Provides an always on option in case of email failover, allowing not only for the email to continue to be delivered but for users to continue accessing and sending emails.
Yes No N/A Yes 4 Yes 3 Yes Yes 1 N/A
Webmail access
info: Webmail access so users can continue to receive, write and manage their email while the Email server is restored.
Yes No N/A Yes 4 Yes Yes Yes 1 N/A

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  • 1. Requieres FailSafe Disaster Recovery enabled.
  • 2. Does not apply to Beginner Package offering.
  • 3. Requires Mimecast Email Continuity Service.
  • 4. Not available on McAfee SaaS Email Inbound Filtering. Requieres McAfee Email Continuity enabled.
  • 5. Can be configured to store messages for 10, 14, or 21 days.
  • 6. Requieres additional licenses.
  • 7. Configurable to longer time periods if necessary.