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Email Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

Vendor AppRiver Cisco GFI Max McAfee Mimecast ProofPoint Symantec TrendMicro
Product SecureTide Cloud Email Security GFI MailEssentials Online SaaS Email Protection Mimecast Email Security Proofpoint Essentials Email Security.Cloud Hosted Email Security
% Anti-virus SLA
info: % of Email Virus Blocked as defined by the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Failing to meet the defined % usually entitles to a service credit or refund. Most SLAs that provide 100% AV protection do not apply with respect to Malware, Trojans, Phishing, Spyware or Adware.
N/A 100% 5 100% 5 N/A 100% 100% 100% 1 100% 5
False Positives
info: Email blocked and falsely identified as Virus as definied by the SLA.
N/A N/A N/A None 3 <0.0001% <0.0003%
Export Quarantine
info: Export the virus quarentine so administrators can share the data and run analisis of trends to better understand what may requiere action.
Yes (*.csv) Yes No Yes (*.csv) Yes (*.csv) No No Yes
Virus Report
info: Report of virus blocked and not delivered to intended inbox.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real-time Alert
info: Virus notifications alerts in real time that a virus has been blocked and not delivered.
No Yes No N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A
AV Multi-Engine
info: Uses multi-layer Virus scanning technology with 2 or more layers of engines scanning each email.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Proprietary Engine
info: Propietary AV engine provides more flexibility for a vendor to quickly patch a security hole and not rely on third-party engines.
Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AV engines
info: List of all the AV engines scanning each email before delivery.
X-virus, Eset Norman, ClamAV, AVG Sophos, McAfee BitDefender, Vipre 2 McAfee, WormTraq ZHARA and others Proofpoint, F-Secure, McAfee, Clam AV Symantec Proactive Skeptic Trend Micro Virus Scan Engine
info: Quarantine specifically for Viruses and Malware.
Yes Yes Yes 4 Yes Yes No Yes No

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  • 1. Requires additional module Email Service.
  • 2. For an additional cost, users may also subscribe to AV engines from McAfee, Kaspersky, Avira and Norton.
  • 3. ProofPoint Essentials SLA does not warrant the accuracy of the intended email blocking of any mail message, that the services will meet customer’s requirements, that no email will be lost or that the services will not give false positive or false negative results, that all spam and viruses will be eliminated or that legitimate messages will not be occasionally quarantined as spam.
  • 4. Access restricted to administrators only.
  • 5. Will detect and stop 100% of all Known Viruses that are routed through the Service. A “Known Virus” is defined solely by the provider of anti-virus software that is used for a specific message.