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AppRiver offers SecureTide as a standalone solution or as part of its Hosted Exchange and Office 365 offerings.

Kommentare zu AppRiver SecureTide

sainate -

Absolutely love these guys! We've been a partner with AppRiver for several years and they've *never* let us down. We've the spam filtering, hosted exchange and the encrypted email and the experience has been consistent across the board. I understand that anyone that I refer to our clients will be a reflection of my company (good or bad) but have never had a problem referring these guys. Awesome service, awesome folks. Period.

Christopher Plummer -

Several years ago when I was hired by my current company, I soon learned they were only using ForeFront for spam protection on their in-house Exchange server. I was successful in selling the powers-that-be on the need for a better solution...something that would preferably be located outside our network to filter all email traffic before touching our server. After researching several vendors, we made the choice to go with AppRiver. They had a solid track record and could provide us with spam/virus filtering for both incoming and outgoing email for a reasonable price. Setup was extremely easy with the guides that AppRiver provided detailing exactly what changes needed to be made to get mail flowing through their servers first. Their user portal is robust, yet simple to navigate. It's quick and easy to do a search for any mail that might have been inadvertently filtered out and to release that mail with the choice to whitelist the sender. We also have AppRiver set up to contact us via SMS when mail is unable to be forwarded to our server, which definitely helps alert us of any possible Internet connection issues with our main office. Almost 4 years running, and we've only had to contact their support group a couple of times (and we've gotten helpful timely responses each time). I can't recommend these guys enough.

Jocel S -

I don't write reviews that much but I owe a lot to these guys for their great quality of service. Most of our clients have Appriver's SpamLab as their spam filtering engine. I'd say this is the best spam filter system available in the market today. I've configured most mainstream brands and this is the easiest thing to configure. filtering mechanism is really.. really effective! Support as well is great.. Whenever we have clients that plan to buy a spam filter appliance, we just tell them "no, just go for Appriver's Spamlab".

WalterT -

We've used AppRiver for the past 3 years with no major issues. It's one of the best decisions I've made. I don't have to use my 1U blue spam filter appliance anymore. It's filtered thru their data center.. They've made my life much easier. Thanks for a reliable service..

Kevin9448 -

We use AppRiver for hosted Exchange and their SecureTide anti-spam/anti-virus service has been excellent for us. It does a good job catching most spam while letting legitimate emails through and is very easy to use. We have about 80 users, some of whom get 100s of spam emails every day. On average probably 0.1% or less of the spam emails make it through the filter, and those that do are very easy to report, and the more that are reported the better the filter works. We have it configured so every user gets an automatic daily report summarizing their blocked emails and has the capability of releasing legitimate emails themselves from the spam filter. They can't release emails that were held due to a virus, and in about 2 years of use we've never had a problem with a released email.

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