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Trend Micro is offered in two versions:


  • Antivirus and IP connection spam prevention
  • Heuristic, content-based spam prevention filter
  • Default anti-virus policies cannot be changed (read-only)
  • Access to reports, mail tracking, and password administration
  • End-user quarantine with configurable quarantine digest notification email


All of the Inbound Filtering service, plus:

  • Outbound message filter
  • Content filtering for corporate compliance
  • Ability for administrator to create custom policies (create and modify rights)

Update: Inbound Filtering version has been phased out and only the full version is offered currently.

Kommentare zu TrendMicro Hosted Email Security

Pierre Goffinet -

Since we started using HES (September 2016) it has blocked over 2788 ransom-ware threats and 1.99 mill of spam mail

Ahmad Qattan -

Perfect product,
Zero ransomware for a couple of years. For about 13 domains hosted.

The catch is that you need to configure it based on the best practise guide from Trendmicro, because if default configuration kept as it is. The result will be disastrous.

Lauren7060 -

I have been using Trend for close to 4 years now. I will say that it has served me really well and kept my network very clean. My only gripe is that the admin UI isn't the best. I would love to see a nice rehaul of that, otherwise it is great.

CardenComputersDave -

We had a major problem on Friday where Trend decided to bounce every Microsoft domain including Office 365 hosted. Not good for business!
Their support is awful to non existent. I was at one of their conferences last year and this fact was brought up, the Trend team there seemed to be unaware of this fact and quite shocked that the entire room had the same opinion almost to the point where they laughed it off.

Does anyone else use HES? Have you experienced the same service drop? Or what do you use as an alternative?
Opinions on Trend Micro support?

Mitch -

We spend sop much time administering this product.Finding why emails incoming and outgoing get blocked reasons that cannot be fixed. This services even got itself on a spam list last month when no emails could be send to Hotmail, Outlook and live addresses. Not good!!!
The only upside is that it is included in the WFBS security advanced, and does give an additional level of protection., What we dont get is that emails go through this system and then get removed as having viruses when the on prem solution scans the email... We are looking for a better product now ..
Really bad support on this, takes days... yes days to get responses sometimes. Very frustrating!!!

Chris Hildebrandt -

Great product. Keeps all the spam out of your email server. Removes most of the span before it gets to your network so your servers don't have to work as hard to filter through all the BS. Love this product.

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