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If known or unknown Viruses are received by an Email that passed through the Email Service, customers are entitled to 100% of the Monthly.

Charge or $10,000/£5,000/€10,000 in compensation. More info

Service opt-out requires manual request by email at least 3 months prior to the end of contract to

Symantec provides of an optional service called Volume Mail (“Email VM”) that allows Customer to send and receive Volume Mail.

Symantec will enforce customers to migrate to the Volume Mail Service if the mail traffic profile is deemed detrimental to their customers.

Kommentare zu Symantec Email Security.Cloud

Marco Ermini -

It is an average product. I believe it has not been improves since Symantec acquisition. There is no possibility to setup granular filterings and rules per user. There is stationary available and often users believe Symantec's messages are spam in itself... There is an Outlook component that can be installed for user driven spam submission, but it is not enterprise-manageable, user ends up just submitting legitimate emails and we can't prevent that, so we had to disable it and do manual submission. There is no way to filter US-legal (but illegal in Europe) marketing email with "opt-in by default" as the service is catered for US laws only.
There is also no way to submit a false positive - only missed spam, which is not little.
Feature-wise is also not comparable with more modern products such as Mimecast or Proofpoint.
We are looking into migrating to a new service soon.

gpollockza -

Symantec is backed by a very big brand, however there are important things to consider, one that I considered is user adoption... As we all know users are very uncomfortable using different interfaces and it is important to select a service that intergrates with current systems, especially Outlook. A good alternative solution to consider would be Mimecast, One of the things they do brilliantly is intergrate with current systems like Outlook improving user efficiency and at the end of the day a by product of admin effeciency which I love as it saves me time :-)

Rob Q -

We are happy customers, 125 mailboxes. I moved to them after using GFI Mail Essentials, and before Symantec purchased Messagelabs. I have been Extremely pleased with it. Aside from just a few requests to approve senders, I don't touch it. Users can manage their own quarantined items. False positives are few and far between, and they are usually not business related.

The only complaint I had was during implementation there was a huge delay (4-6 hours) between the time I made a config change and the time it took effect. The same with viewing logs. Since then (Probably 2 years), that has gotten much better. I've had 0 complaints from users, 0 virus infected emails, and most months spend 0 hours messing with it. I think hosted mail filtering is the way to go.
If you do a lot with Email content filtering rules, I would test it during your evaluation. Some things like Social Security number rules, don't work as well as other solutions I've used. Also the add-on services like business continuity, and email encryption are more expensive than I would like.

Brad2013 -

No complaints from me on this. We have used it now for over five years. We use to have our own software based filter but with business growth decided that the extra bandwidth not used in downloading spam could be better utilised.
I possibly get one or two false positives a week, out of 10000+ I can handle, and even looking at these false positives, if they'd ended up in my inbox I probably would have deleted them without reading anyway.

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