Proofpoint Essentials
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Proofpoint Sentrion (Sendmail)
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Email Archiving / Email Encryption / Data Loss Protection
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Proofpoint Essentials is available in 3 versions: Beginner / Business / Professional.

ProofPoint does not warrant the accuracy of the intended email blocking of any mail message, the services will meet customer’s requirements or that no email will be lost or that the services will not give false positive or false negative results or that all spam and viruses will be eliminated or that legitimate messages will not be occasionally quarantined as spam. Read more

Kommentare zu ProofPoint Proofpoint Essentials

Alex Vexler -

Proofpoint Essentials are experiencing frequent delivery delays of 30-60 minutes since the end of September. They either not publishing them in the news feed at all or deleting unpleasant news after 24 hours. October 28, November 1, November 3 are not reflected. November 1, 2016 outage was published but then deleted. We are financial company and 40 minutes delay of email delivery is affecting trading. The problem looks to be due to the massive migration of McAfee customers and the US1 infrastructure does not hold the load. The problem has been escalated to the top executive lever. I do notice frequent "scheduled maintenance of US1" - signs of attempts to fix the problem. Customer support is keeping the firewall of silence. Average lag of the delivery - 3-5 minutes. Never had this problem with Postini or McAfee. Please be aware!

Travis Gordon -

We've used McafeeSaaS for the past 3 years with no major issues. It's one of the best decisions We've made. Since Mcafee went end of life we switched to there recomended replacement ProofPoint. It's been 3 Months now and service has been great.

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