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McAfee End of Life Announcement information

Intel Security / McAfee SaaS Email Protection Suite was announced as entering into end-of-life (EOL) as of October 22, 2015.

End-of-sale date is 1/11/16. Last date of service is 1/11/17. If you're on a yearly agreement for SaaS services, you can renew for up to 12 months following the existing agreement expiration. If you're monthly, you can stay on the service monthly until 1/11/17.

McAfee offers 2 versions of its SaaS Security solutions: a basic version (McAfee SaaS Email Inbound Filtering) and the full advanced version (SaaS Email Protection & Continuity) Contains a click-protect feature that sends all hyperlinks to McAfee cloud for scanning when enabled.

The maximum number of email addresses and domain names a user can include in a senders list is 300.

SLA not publicly available.

Download Spam Control for Outlook®: Download

McAfee live outages and service alerts can be found here.

Kommentare zu McAfee SaaS Email Protection

Stevend -

Service is end of Life and being shut down permanently end of 2016. We are unable to renew or extend our service period past 6/30/16

Bryan Foster -

Back in the MXLogic days, this use to be a rock solid solution. But since it was taken over by mcafee, it has been down hill every day. Currently looking for a new solution.

Billy Roberts -

MXLogic was a good company until McAfee acquired it. Our Exchange server is pointed to send and receive through McAfee SaaS and the latest issue (I am told by McAfee) is Microsoft has blacklisted McAfee's IP's so sending to MSN gets bounced back. Other bouncebacks were users on Proofpoint servers. They've had more than a comfortable share of outages and sometimes 4 hour delays. Unacceptable and I am in the market for change.

Shawn -

It's fair in that there is a key feature missing that is in other solutions which is how to manage false positives. In the version we have you have to wait for the email sender to call in (since they are getting bounced) to tell us they are getting bounced and to white list them. Not a good way to manage things being bounced that are legit.

BBigford -

Not a bad product. Not a great product though. I've usually always avoided anything McAfee, but I was dropped into this product. Has performed a 3.5 star average. The management interface is pretty nice, and reinstalling is a snap. I like the web security once you get all your whitelisting setup, but the email portion has been a little under utilized so we'll see how that goes.


I've been using the service for years and years now, since they were MX Logic. It started off as product offering from my ISP and eventually we went direct when the ISP dropped MX Logic. For the most part the service has been good showing that we had lots of spam being filtered. But I do agree with another review in that the Outlook plugin to report spam seems to be ignored as I continually get the same kinds of spam entering my system. If I add a domain alias to my network, I need to have that added by an account manager; I don't have control over my settings. Things did improve over the years such as AD integration. The interface is a bit dated. If someone complains that we never received an email, I can only guess where the message is because I see only questionable spam caught by the filter. Apparently known spam is completely obliterated and I can't check that for false positives. I will be looking for an appliance since I'm sure that I can filter my organization for less than $1166 a year (40 seat @ $2.43).

SCPRich -

Transitioned from Postini to SaaS email security. Plenty of documentation available for transitioning which was a little helpful but pretty straight forward. Our reseller was on-hand for cutover as we did face some issues...
1) When you add an SMTP host to the control console you need to checkmark the "active" box
2) While MX records were updated, there was still about a 30 minute-1 hour lag before messages would arrive
Been on SaaS email security for about 2 weeks. While we were spoiled with plentiful control features in Postini, McAfee is lacking a few good things...
1) When creating a user (we do not use their LDAP integration), there is no "welcome" message sent to the user, we have to do this manually outside of the tool
2) Message log search is limited to only threats/quarantine tagged or in their Event Log only messages that went through some type of filtering will appear (denied or allowed). Cannot search on messages delivered that were of no threat.
McAfee does do a good job on tagging spam, blocking viruses, options to control graymail, custom content filters, etc.
What helped sell is their attachment limitation is 200MB, email continuity (which has already come in handy), price per user, and admin controls.
The quarantine report can be sent 2 times daily and you set the intervals.
I am using their "clickprotect" feature, not blocking anything but I am using the warning actions. This is valuable to us as we see phishing messages pass their filtering that have links to PHP pages which are obviously a threat. The clickprotect feature, when enabled, sends all hyperlinks to the cloud for scanning. There is some reporting on this feature, you can see the link that is clicked, who the recipient was, the score, and whether it was allowed/warned-allowed/etc.
Overall it was the right move, submitted a few feature requests, will see in time if McAfee comes through.

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